Belgrade Football Academy fast growing private sports college. Academy is offering a three-year undergraduate studies (associate degree) in two National diploma programs, for Football Coaches and Sport Managers, together with variety of different courses and certification programs. Our strict orientation on these programs is arising from our wish to achieve quality in education through specialisation and focusing on specific areas of sport science.





At this moment we are the only specialized college of this kind in the country. Our curriculum is developed in accordance with the European union documents of higher education. We are trying to be dynamic and effective in our work and continously to accept new programs and learning methods. Our mission is to put practical and teoretical knowledge together, to keep up with the world but never to forget our own qualities!


Academy is located in a building with modern learning and sport facilities in city center of Belgrade, capital of Serbia (former Yugoslavia), country with the rich sport history and tradition. We are working under a patronage of Belgrade Soccer Association and we are closely connected with other major sport organizations, clubs and individuals


We are continuously expanding our activities to the international field. We are looking for new forms of cooperation and partnership with other institutions in the field of sport and education. A number of activities has been done in this direction, from different types of membership and partner relations with associations and institutions in Europe, educational networks etc.


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